Matthews John - The Arthurian tradition

Author : Matthews John
Title : The Arthurian tradition
Year : 2011

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Introduction to the 2010 Edition. I am delighted to have the opportunity to present this new edition of a book that originally appeared under the title Elements of the Arthurian Tradition in 1989. Although I wrote this over twenty years ago, I still stand by most of what I said and have therefore scarcely revised it at all. I have, however, taken the opportunity to correct a couple of errors of fact, together with some spelling and grammar that missed the original copy editing process. I hope all who read this book will find, as I have, a deep and lasting power within these timeless Arthurian legends. As with its companion volume The Grail Tradition (Aeon, 2011) this book contains a number of meditational exercises, which follow each chapter. Readers of the original edition asked for instruction in the best way to approach such work. Assuming that many new readers may be unfamiliar with this method, it seemed advisable to include some pointers here. ...

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