McCallum Evan Arthur - Horus Saves

Author : McCallum Evan Arthur
Title : Horus Saves Conquest by religion
Year : 1993

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"HORUS SAVES" is a novel that delves into the motivations of the people who start religions and it shows how easily such religions can be fabricated to conquer another group and colonize their territory. The basis of this novel comes from Near and Middle Eastern mythology. The correct names of relgions, places, and people are not presented so that previously learned concepts will not influence the reader until the story's basic ideas have been presented. A fact little known to the American public is that quite a few of the ancient Middle and Near Eastern religions grew out of earlier religions that contained many of the same basic concepts. When formulating a religion for any purpose, many pragmatic concepts could be gleened from religions existing earlier to produce a IINew and Wonderful" religion that could be presented to obtain a near automatic acceptance among the masses. In order for us to understand why people are so religiously gullible, it is necessary to understand how Man's motivations are driven. Humans are ethnocentric animals that have lived in families, clans (or extended families), and tribes for tens of thousands of years. Kingdoms were later formed by uniting clans and tribes of related blood for the defense of large territories. Each group of tribes or clans that could unite had their own forms of social rules that made them function easily. The uniting of the clans and tribes produced the need for a unifying of group feelings and mores so that social cooperation could more easily be accomplished. The unifying of feelings and mores was done through the use of a religion that modified the concepts in the conscious and subconscious mind. Most of the people worshipped their distant ancestoral heroes who were depicted in statues as handsome and beautiful people. As long as the people were of the same ancestral background there was little trouble in socially uniting. As some of the kingdoms grew and non related people were included in the nation, there was a need for a religion that would appeal to all. Thus a universal religion with a universal god was an attractive idea. As long as people would agree that people were equal, the religious fervor would follow. We are now coming to an end of the universalist dream world. For over two thousand years the concept of universalism has proven very dangerous and fallacious. There were no equal people to fit the concepts of a religion that judged all people equal. With the end of the U.S.S.R. and the slow breakdown of the societies of China and the U.S.A. all major universalist societies are slowly being terminated. "Horus Saves" was written to show the ease with which a universalistic religion could be fabricated for invasion and control of people. Looking back over about two thousand years, the concept of universalism has created more chaos than any other philosophical concept. Religious wars in Europe killed forty percent of the population in the dark ages. Other liquidations in Europe were as terrible as the problems of universalistic communism in Russia or China. Until the people of the western world understand religious methods and how they function, they wi II not be able to reason well enough to solve their social problems produced by the hucksters and politicians. "Horus Saves" not only gives the readers an idea of the hidden agenda of ancient religious invaders, it will give the background for the coming book "Horus is LDrd': which illustrates the psychological methods used in religious conversion. The coming book, "Horus is LDrd': will illustrate the most effective methods of promoting a socially eroding philosophy through religious methods that allow the invaders to strike at the deepest felt emotions of the populace. Religious methods implant the moral concepts that regulate much of a person's life. Of course the religious philosophy determines the religious values. There is a definite formula which is employed by the religious invaders. Its components are as follows: 1. HOOK THE POPULACE! In order to gain entrance to the people's belief system there must be a demand for the concepts presented. In "Horus Saves" such a demand is created by hooking the populace of the Empire with the very attractive promise of giving them a far better life and a better death than the one they could normally expect. 2. BRAIN WASH AND PLANT DESIRES DEEP IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS: Once the desired concepts of the better life or death are consciously accepted, the destructive philosophy is projected into the subconscious mind by trigger words, rituals, ceremonies, and prayers that implant a new moral or logic base. Trigger words, rituals, and ceremonies work on the association and repetition method of learning. Prayer uses the hypnosis method of implanting the concepts of the new philosophy in the subconscious. Once again, the formula has a "one-two" punch. First the conscious desire is generated, then the destructive elements are embedded in the relgious followers on deep thought levels through mind impacting maneuvers. Almost all the people who read this work will be living in a nation that is taking on the qualities of an ancient empire (such as Imperial Rome just before its fall). HORUS SAVES will make you think about the real reasons behind disturbing social trends as well as whds behind them ... and make you laugh at the same time. Enjoy yourself ! ...

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