Mein Kampf Analysis and summary

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Title : Mein Kampf Analysis and summary (Includes teacher's guide) Student's edition ages 15 to adult Hitler's plans for world conquest, his formation of the NAZI Party, and his views on people and race
Year : 2010

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Teacher's Notes. Teacher's Notes. The use of Mein Kampf in a classroom can be a delicate issue. Teacher s are strongly urged to verifY approval from the appropriate supervisors before teaching with this material. Teacher Suggestions. Mein Kampf is an important educational tool for various subjects from history, to business, to politics, to tolerance. The book Mein Kampf should be approached in a clinical manner with students. The book should be placed in student's minds first by establishing who wrote it, why it was written, what it says, what the effect was, and what the effect is today. You can then elaborate on these areas and discuss the lessons to be learned for your specific curriculum. It is unwise for the teacher to be dismissive of the material or to characterize it as wholly evil or the wholly benign. Such broad characterizations will be blindly accepted by some students, but most students will reject a teacher's attempt to paint any topic with such a wide brush and may seek answers elsewhere that are out of context. Context is an important issue for the teacher when discussing Me in Kampf and the teacher must be objective. The teacher should be careful not to present opinions as facts. The teacher may face some difficult questions which must be answered with care and not show embarrassment or anger. Emotional reactions to questions will discourage further questions and we want students to ask questions. Teachers sometimes avoid questions they personally find difficult to discuss or may not have an answer to. Always remember the context of the discussion and answer questions as fully as possible. If you don't have an answer, it is acceptable to say so. ...

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