Mohr Gordon Dwight - Collected Works

Author : Mohr Gordon Dwight
Title : Collected Works
Year : 19*

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A JEW SPEAKS OUT ! - From the Watchman's Corner? A National Tragedy America's Bungting in the Middle East - A Place of Safety ! - A SPECIAL WARNING TO THE ISRAELITE PEOPLE ! - A Study In Anti-Gentilism - A Warning A VERYIMPORTANT TIMELY MESSAGE FOR AMERICAN CHRISTIANS - America - Wake Up!! "It's Later than you think" - America's Destiny Christ or Anti-Christ? A frank discussion of the Jewish problem in America and the future of this country as the Zion of Bible prophecy! - An Objective Look at Black America ! - Are You a Brainwashed Christian ? - ARE YOU A TRUE AMERICAN ? - Are You Following a New False Religion ? - Background To Betrayal! New Edition ! - Battle For The Truth ! (Christianity vs. Judeo-Christianity) - Be Proud to be a White Christian American !!! One Nation Under GOD ! - Behold the International Jew ! (Knowledgeable men, Jew and Gentile, speak out regarding the International Zionist Conspiracy) - BEN FREEDMAN ON THE JEWS (A speech given in New York to a military organization in 1974. It originally appeared in the LIBERTY BELL, Reedy, WV.) - Blueprint For The Anti-Christ - Jewish-communist brainwashing techniques - Christian Warfare ! - Christianity Affirms Racial Integrity - Christ's Return ! (An in Depth Discussion from Matthew 24 and Luke 21) - Communist - Terror In Peaceful Heaven - CONSPIRACY TO DECEIVE THE ELECT !! - COVER LETTER - Crusade for Christ Intelligence Report - Do You Really Believe God's Word ? - Does It Really Matter ? - Don't be a Foxhole Christian ! - EXPLODING THE "CHOSEN PEOPLE" MYTH - FAITH ALONE, OR FAITH AND WORKS ! - FIFTEEN YEARS ON THE FRONT LINES ! - Firearms and Freedom ! (Gun Control Means People Control !) - Forewarned Is Forearmed ! - FRIEND OR FOE ? AN OBJECTIVE LOOK AT U.S. FOREIGN POLICY SINCE WORLD WAR I A TIMELY LECTURE - FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT ! - CHRIST OR COMMUNISM? - WHICH WILL IT BE ? From the Horse's Mouth - (and others) WHAT THE JEWS SAY ABOUT COMMUNISM - Give Me Ten Men - He Could Not Have Been A Jew ! (Exploding the false theology which states that Jesus was a Jew, and that the Jews are the Chosen People of the Book) - If Jews Are Really Persecuted - Why ? (Truth is Stranger than Fiction!) - Is There Such A Thing As Christian Justifiable Homicide ? - Crusade for Christ - Jesus -- The Rock That Will Not Roll (An expose of Satan's Minstrels of Music) - JEWISH POWER ! (Reprint of two articles from the DEFENDER MAGAZINE, September and October 1955 editions, written by Kenneth Goff, Englewood, Colorado.) - Know Your Enemies ! - KNOW YOUR IDENTITY ! - Letter from a Jewish Foundation - Letter from Bosnia - NOTES FROM THE WATCHMAN'S CORNER - Naked Aggression - Odds and Ends About.... - Phariseeism or Anglo-Saxon Identity ? (Scriptural evidence of our Israel heritage.) - Prelude to Terror ! (Facts about AIDS never mentioned in the news) - Proofs of Identity ! (Answers the question "Who are God's Chosen People?") - Race Mixing A Social and Spiritual Disaster - RACE, NOT GRACE ! (A discussion on Israel Identity from a Scriptural and historical background) - Red Cloud Over America - Red Dawn (Could It Happen Here?) - Redemption Draweth Nigh - Religionism ! - S.O.S. SHIP OF STATE - Salt Without Savor ! - Satan's Kids ! And the German Connection ! - Satan's Kids (Facts every American Christian should Know about the International Jewish Conspiracy to control you) - Satan's Weapon of Fear ! - Seed of Satan - Literal or Figurative ? - Signs and Wonders ! (End time prophesies as explained by the King himself !) - SOME ASPECTS OF PRESENT TREASON YOU NEED TO KNOW ! U.S. - From the Watchman’s Corner Special Message for 2002 - Thank God ! My Savior Was Not A Jew ! - THE ASSAULT ON FREEDOM (Who is behind the assault on America's freedom and the why of it ?) - The Birthright or The Right to Govern - The Brainwashing of America ! - The Brainwashing of Christendom ! - The Choice Is Yours - The Christian Soldiers Psalm (True safety comes only through the mercies of YAHWEH God !) - THE ENEMY WITHIN - The Exclusiveness of Israel - The Formula for Survival ! - The Great Conspiracy Who's Stomping on Christian Civilization ? - The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry - THE HITLER CULT ! - The Inside Story of International Judaism ! (A brief summary of Dr. Benjamin Freedman's book FACTS ARE FACTS. Must reading for every concerned Christian.) - The Jewish Holy War Against Goyim ! - THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL - THE MARKS OF ISRAEL - The Master Plan ! (Yes, Virginia, there is a conspiracy!) - THE MIND SLAVES ! - THE MYSTERY OF TRUE ISRAEL - The Noahide Laws A Read and Pressing Danger ! - The Plot To Destroy Christianity ! - The Psychopolitical Indoctrination of America ! - The Rapture - THE SATANIC COUNTERFEIT - A New Look at the Sermon on the Mount - The Shadow of the Bear - THE TALMUDIC EFFECT ON JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY ! - The Undeclared War ! - Things Christians Need To Know (About Jews, Judaism and Zionism) - THIS TIME BOMB CALLED ZIONISM - To Deceive The Elect - The Rapture Fact or Fiction ? - To Seduce the Elect An in depth look at some of the falsehoods which have invaded the Christian world and the danger they pose to Christ and His church, with apologies to none. - Treason in High Places ! - TRUTH EQUALS FREEDOM ! - Two Saviors ! (Which will you choose - Christ or Judaism ?) - Ultimate Terrorism ! - Soviet Threat to the Free World ! - Up-Date for Survival ! - WANTED ! - A FEW GOOD MEN ! (A call for volunteers in the army of the Lord !) - WAR CRIMES - U.S.A. (The Final Truth About WW II) - WHAT DOES EZEKIEL 38 and 39 REALLY SAY ? A NEW LOOK AT EZEKIEL 38 and 39 ! - What Happened To Our Children ? - Where Are We Going ? - Which Day Shall We Worship ? - Who Are The Gentiles ? (A Scriptural study into the meaning of the terms "Gentile" and "Israelite") - WHO ARE THE JEWS ? - Who Are You And Why Are You Here ? - Who is the Scarlet Woman of Revelations 17 & 18 ? - WHO IS TRUE ISRAEL ? - Woe Unto Ye Fundamentalists ! A scathing denunciation of those Christians who praise and support anti-Christ Zionism - by a fundamental Baptist evangelist. - You Decide Who Is True Israel....

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