Morrigan Rising - 2009 Issue number 11

Authors : Morrigan Rising (Women for Aryan Unity)
Title : 2009 Issue number 11
Year : 2009

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WELCOME to the 11th issue of Women for Aryan Unity’s main printed publication, Morrigan Rising. You may or may not have noticed the length of time that this issue has been in the making. Many of our members have found themselves at a crossroads in their lives. With new pregnancies, marriages, career changes, moves, and college careers, many of us are finding ourselves making some of life’s “big” decisions lately. With that in mind, we’d like to encourage our readers to take an introspective look at how your actions today will shape your life five, ten, or even 20 years from now. Do you know where you want to be a decade from today? Think about yourself and your family. Where do you see your or your spouse’s career in the future? Will you be living pay check to pay check? Will you be able to comfortably support yourself and your family? Do you plan to have more children? Will you be in a financial position to do so? Is your current home where you would like to be ten years from now? If not, what type of home and in what area do you see yourself in? Are you in a position to further your education in order to better provide for your family? What can you do now to secure your own family’s future and better prepare yourself for whatever time may have in store? It is a fact that it takes money to live. There is a difference in being able to provide a safe and comfortable living for your family and just wanting to have money to buy useless junk. There is no shame in setting yourself up to be in a good position in the future, and you should take steps now to do so. Put your natural talents and interests to use and find what it is that you can do best to ensure you will be ready for what the future may bring. Think about what you can do now that will help secure tomorrow. WAU 1990–2009. ...

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