Morrigan Rising - 2010 Issue number 13

Authors : Morrigan Rising (Women for Aryan Unity)
Title : 2010 Issue number 13
Year : 2010

Link download :

Issue No 13 is here, we have decided to compile an issue that will coincide with WAU’s 20 year anniversary, we have searched through all our past issues and compiled the best pieces into one big free issue that all our supporters can read online or print out themselves. Who knew 20 years could go by so fast, we are all both trilled and excited to be part of one of the only Women’s groups that came out of the early 1990’s and survived through hard work and preservation. We have worked on so many amazing projects, fundraisers, we have gotten to meet many wonderful men and women at gatherings all around the world, we have had amazing support from various groups over the years and without this support our projects and fundraisers would not have been as successful, for this we thank you all... For 2010 we plan on doing a new Cookbook, we plan on doing an Aryan Family Drive for families within our movement so we will start that off with a raffle / fundraiser in early to middle Spring. Our Adopt a Bruder programme has been a huge success and we have had new people step up for 2010 so we hope to get each member of The Order $100 per month we have 6 Bruders left inside. With all that been said we once again would like to thank everyone who enjoyed the past 20 years of WAU’s activities, we hope to be more do more and achieve more in the next 20 years.. In Sisterhood. Vicky, Salli, Vanessa, Alexia, Jani, Victoria, Peta, Jade, Sarah, Isis, Loli, Ivana, Laika. ...

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