Munday Billy - The Black Shadow and the Red Death

Author : Munday Billy
Title : The Black Shadow and the Red Death
Year : 1914

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This "revelation of darkness," is the first of a series of ten, dealing with various phases of the race problem, South and North. The situation is desperate, and the nation is asleep. Even the Atlanta and Springfield, Ill., riots failed to open the eyes of our people, to the "crimson shadows of the lurid abyss." The Great Republic is to-day the theatre of the most tremendous racial tragedy the world ever saw. It is unparalleled in history for scope and power. At no time have two such distinct races, each numbered by its millions, the one representing the highest stage of civilization and advancement, the other practically but a day removed from savagery and cannibalism, been thrown together in the same geographical region, and not separated by any natural barriers. And our glorious Anglo Saxon blood-the flower of the human race-is being fevered and polluted by the African taint, bestialized by "gorilla damnifications." This is a terrible thought to him who reveres the morality of his ancestors, and prizes, above earthly possessions, "the unblemished caste distinction of a thousand years of Europe's best culture." ...

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