Murray William H. - The Negro's Place in Call of Race

Author : Murray William H.
Title : The Negro's Place in Call of Race
Year : 1948

Link download :

For upwards of fourteen years, I have fought Communism without mentioning the Jews; I find the Communist Jews charge any person as anti-semitic who fights that ism, or even Dictator Stalin. Also whenever the Communists become active, the driving force are Jews, so from now on, I shall point out the Jew that stands behind Communism, or Stalin, or any other Dictator. Were I President, I would have broken relations with Russia, and have driven out of the United States all Russians, and order the cancellatiotn of American Citizenship for them and other Nationals, for fraud, by swearing falsely, denying they were Communists; especially all the 2,000 or more holding places of honor and profit, in the United States. WILLIAM H. MURRAY. June, 1948. ...

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