Njord Kane - The Vikings The story of a people

Author : Njord Kane
Title : The Vikings The story of a people
Year : 2014

Link download : Njord_Kane_-_The_Vikings_The_story_of_a_people.zip

Preface. This book is divided into two parts. The first part tells the Norse story chronologically from an anthropologist’s point of view. Starting from the Stone Age Peoples that migrated as hunter-gathers following herds of megafauna, such as Mammoths. Into the gradual progression of settling and forming into a complex society. The second part of this book highlights specifics about ancient Norse culture, technology, beliefs, and practices. The Norse were a major indigenous people of Scandinavia and Northern Europe. We see the words Vikings and Norse used interchangeably without discrimination. So which is correct when referring to these people, do we call them Vikings or Norse? The term “Viking” is not actually what the Norse people called themselves, but is was something they did. The word Viking comes from the Old Norse word “víkingr,” a term which meant to go raiding and it wasn't always by boat. The word Viking was only later made to mean the Norse people whom conducted these raids, along with other stereotypes commonly associated with “Vikings.” All false stereotypes, such as the horned or winged helmet for example. Calling them “Vikings” is incorrect, however it is of such common use today that when we call them Vikings, everyone knows we are talking about the Norse. But Viking was something they did (raid) and they were actually called the Norse. A statement of fact is: all Vikings were Norse, but not all Norse were Vikings. In fact, most Norse were farmers – just like everyone else on the planet. ...

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