O'Malley Sean - The cadre

Author : O'Malley Sean
Title : The cadre
Year : 2005

Link download : O_Malley_Sean_-_The_cadre.zip

“Cattle die, and kinsmen die, and so must one die oneself. But there is one thing I know which never dies, and that is the fame of a dead manʼs deeds.” - Old Norse Proverb In memory of the late Dr. William Luther Pierce. 9-11-33 to 7-23-02. Chapter 1. The deafening shockwave almost ruptured my eardrums, the earth violently shook, as the steel-structured frame of the building buckled, followed by mountains of crumbling concrete and molten ash, that poured over the vehicles surrounding the barricade in front of the ADO World Complex. A thick, murky smog billowed from the wreckage, and massive clouds of radioactive dust smothered the corpse-ridden streets of New Jerusalem. Panicked citizens chaotically fled the apocalyptic scene, as they trampled over one another like wild animals in a vicious stampede. Amidst the terror, I gazed up at the elegant swirls of smoke that drifted beyond the horizon, high into the heavens above. The memory of Debbie’s untimely death crept into my mind, and made the hair on my arms, and the back of my neck prickle. ...

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