O'Meara Michael - New culture, New right

Author : O'Meara Michael
Title : New culture, New right Anti-liberalism in postmodern Europe
Year : 2004

Link download : O_Meara_Michael_-_New_culture_New_right.zip

Preface to the Second Edition. n early 2003, when the final draft of this book was completed, the various tendencies associated with the European New Right - and, more specifically, with the Groupement de Recherche et d’Études pour la Civilisation Européenne (GRECE) - were already growing in different directions. Today, these differences have become such that the same book, in endeavoring to chart the principal contours of New Right thought, could not be written. This second edition is thus not an update of the now fragmented New Right (or, better said, the now multiform identitarian resistance) - for that would require a different format, with a different aim. This edition re-presents the same “global critique of liberalism” - and of the system now threatening the existence of European peoples everywhere - that grew out of the earlier New Right. I have thus refrained from revising my interpretations of 2003, adding new references, or changing the text to allow for recent developments, which would have entailed changing the spirit of the whole work. This edition is “new” in having been edited and reformatted; and in having certain errors and awkward expressions corrected, an index added, and an obsolete appendix of New Right organizations and publications removed. In a word, it is a more polished version of the first edition. - San Francisco, January 2013. ...

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