Open letter to the white man

Author : Ironmarch
Title : Open letter to the white man
Year : 2012

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Preface. To those who read it, the style of this work will appear unconventional. This is because it is for a rare purpose, and that is to express an idea. It is not a little idea, it is not a musing or an ‘invitation’ for a new idea, it is in fact an entire state of mind, a whole world view – and it is constructed for the benefit of the reader in a way that they might understand it. There are many groups that exist today under the blanket term ‘nationalist’, but they are all (to put it kindly) vague – a sea of shaky individual concepts without the flowing current of a unified and rock solid set of convictions necessary to be a true Nationalism. In this short book you will find but one expression of a Nationalism as a definite profession of faith; one that is bravely honest, uncompromising, consistent and proves this fact by providing definite and real solutions to current problems. You will notice that much of the text throughout is italicized – this is to indicate the work of others, but all attributions to them have been removed, and it only really serves to distinguish the author from the rest of the work so as not to confuse the two. These names have been removed because preconceptions would obstruct the main task of the book which is to share with you a way of thinking. The text is not here because of who said it, it is there because it is true – at least in the sense that it gives expression to a greater truth. A list of recommended reading will be provided at the end but only where you might actually benefit and gain better understanding from such reading. In addition, even a cursory reading of the author’s text will reveal the hands, mind, and spirit of others throughout. I will say that the author alone has brought them together in this compendi - um so that they can be appreciated by modern readers. ...

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