Paris Edmond - The Vatican against Europe

Author : Paris Edmond
Title : The Vatican against Europe
Year : 1975

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In my last book, I made it clear that I should allow myself no incursion into the religious field. "The Vatican," 1 said, "owing to its twofold nature—at one and the same time temporal and spiritual —is particularly subject to ambiguity. Consequently, I would stress that I have considered only the political side." In the present work the same principle has been followed. I have confined myself to highlighting the historical continuity of the retrograde and evil politics of the Vatican, as well as the latter's overwhelming responsibility in the disasters that have succeeded one another in Europe during the last fifty years. The following pages lay bare the deceit and crimes in which the Holy See, its representatives throughout the world and its Nazi and Fascist allies have participated, and which their unparalleled hypocrisy has not been able to conceal. The book opens with a bill of indictment against the Vatican. The charges are taken up separately in the ensuing chapters, where they are matched with ample and incontestable proof of a continued collusion with the torturers of mankind who started the last world catastrophe. But this collusion is well within the tradition of the Holy See. It dates back for many centuries. In all circumstances, ever since the days of Charlemagne, the Papacy has not ceased to lean upon the Germans, in order to impose its authority and to extend it throughout Europe. The Reformation had undoubtedly disturbed the agreement that for centuries had held good between the Holy See and Mittel-Europa, and had withdrawn a part of the German peoples from obedience to the Vatican. Austria-Hungary alone remained entirely submissive. But, step by step and with infinite patience, the Roman Curia gradually and without pause regained the influence lost, at the same time placing at the service of Pan-Germanic appetites the entire spiritual ascendancy enjoyed by the Holy See among the Catholics in both the Reich and the rest of Europe. Thus Germany The Great, like the Habsburg Empire, was to serve as a "secular arm" in order to annihilate the influence of Orthodox Russia in the Balkans and to restore the Holy See's authority in secular France. The game was lost in 1918, but was resumed in 1939, with the Vatican playing the very same card which it is still playing today. Guy Emery Shipler clearly summarized the importance of this political activity of the Vatican when he wrote "No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican's part in it. And no significant world political situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important, explicit or implicit part." Here, as in the earlier book, I have endeavoured to present the reader with the actual texts upon which my belief rests, in order that he might judge of their meaning and implication. Likewise, in selecting these quotations, I have had recourse to books and newspapers which are not considered hostile to the Holy See, and whose testimony is therefore the more convincing. ...

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