Parkman Francis - France and England in North America 7 Montcalm and wolfe

Author : Parkman Francis
Title : France and England in North America 7 Montcalm and wolfe Volume 1 and 2
Year : 1884

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Preface. The names on the titlepage stand as representative of the two nations whose final contest for the control of North America is the subject of the book. A very large amount of unpublished material has been used in its preparation, consistmg for the most part of documents copied from the archives and libraries of France and England, especially from the Archives de la Marine et des Colonies, the Archives de la Guerre, and the Archives Nationales at Paris, and the Public Eecord Office and the British Museum at London. The papers copied for the present work in France alone exceed six thousand foho pages of manuscript, additional and supplementary to the "Paris Documents" procured for the State of Xew York under the ap;encv of Mr. Brodhead. The copies made in England form ten volumes, besides many English documents consulted in the original manuscript. Great numbers of autograph letters, diaries, and other writings of persons engaged in the war have also been examined on this side of the Atlantic. ...

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