Path of the Gods

Author : Wewelsburg Archives publication
Title : Path of the Gods Handbook for the 21st century fascist
Year : 2017

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Introduction. We are revolutionaries. We don’t want to go back to the “good old days”, we look to the future with fire in our hearts and determination in our eyes. A new Cycle will bring something better. We demand standards. We don’t want weaklings and degenerates, slaves to their animalistic desires. Distinguish yourself. Rise above the masses. We value character over intellect. A man of strong character and conviction is worth 100 intellectuals with their countless meaningless essays and high opinion of themselves. We need brave men, ready to sacrifice everything for the Cause. We are not afraid to use violence. Blood alone moves the wheels of history. There will always be war and struggle. War is a natural, ordinary thing. It’s eternal and everywhere. It has no beginning nor end. War is life itself. We embrace the doctrine of Absolute Detachment and with God on our minds and in our hearts we do what must be done. We do our duty. We are fighting to re-establish the rule of Truth and bring the order to this ugly and chaotic world. If not us then who? We are the last Men Against Time, part of that invisible army that has existed since the time immemorial. Composed of all the great heroes who have fought the Forces of Disintegration even when everything seemed lost. We continue in their footsteps, our black banners high above. We have nothing to lose, we are not of this world. Our bodies may be here but in our souls burn the Golden Age ideals. We are the orphans of Kali Yuga. We chose a different path. ...

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