Pennick Nigel - Hitler's secret sciences

Author : Pennick Nigel
Title : Hitler's secret sciences His quest for the hidden knowledge of the ancients
Year : 1981

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Introduction. The Nazi phenomenon was a weird and tragic episode in world history whose dire effects still reverberate today. For a brief twelve years, dangerous authoritarian occult principles became a world political force, for the Nazis’ avowed intent was nothing short of the complete transformation of the human world. Their revolution was to be so radical that it aimed to recast the whole of future civilization in its own distorted, image. Although National Socialism, to give it its correct title, was the ultimate refinement of Prussian militarism, it had one important extra dimension - it was messianic; not the universal messianism of the Christian or Islamic creeds, however, but an elitist messianism based upon race. The whole Nazi ethos grew out of a magical view of the world, and the history of Nazi Germany was forged by strange fanatics whose actions can only be explained in occult terms. To orthodox historians, their crimes can only be dismissed as crazy obsessions, yet in terms of certain well-established occult beliefs, they fit a well-defined pattern. ...

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