Phillips Melanie - Londonistan

Author : Phillips Melanie
Title : Londonistan
Year : 2006

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When London was hit by suicide bombers in July 2005, the dirty little secret inside the historic cradle of liberty was finally out. Notwithstanding the staunch resolve of Prime Minister Tony Blair after 9/11, Great Britain had been the European hub of Islamist extremism for more than a decade. Under the noses of British intelligence, a network of terrorists and their sympathizers had used Britain to plot, finance, recruit and train for atrocities in the United States and around the world. The scale of this activity was so large that exasperated European security agencies, in a mocking reference to the Afghan training grounds for al-Qaeda, dubbed Britain's capital city "Eondonistan." But this was merely the most visible sign of a much more intractable problem that had turned America's principal ally into a potential fifth column within Western civilization. In this groundbreaking book, the acclaimed British journalist Mêlante Phillips reveals how the advance of the global jihad is being facilitated by a wholesale collapse of Western values and national identity in Europe - a trend in which Britain is taking the lead, and which finds many troubling echoes in America. While attention is fixed on foreign battlegrounds, the war is in danger of being lost at home. As Britain sleepwalks towards cultural oblivion, the disorientation of the once-implacable British bulldog threatens its special relationship with America and the very future of the West. Londonistan is a warning to America, to Britain, and to all who care about freedom. ...

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