Pinay Maurice - The secret driving force of communism

Author : Pinay Maurice
Title : The secret driving force of communism Library of political secrets 1 Part one of the larger book “Plot Agains the Church”
Year : 1968

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The only purpose of this edition is to divulge the historic truth about great political secrets and vital events now happening in the world. We exhort all patriots in the world to diffuse this book among the highest possible number of people, printing and distributing this work, because neither the author nor the translator or the editor have reserved special rights for themselves. Those who publish this book may do it either gratuitously or charging for it, but no one can reserve for himself exclusive rights of authorship, translation or edition. CHRISTIAN DEFENSE LEAGUE. COMMUNISM AS DESTROYER Of all revolutionary systems, which throughout human history have been devised for the destruction of our civilized values, communism is without doubt the most perfected, most efficient and most merciless. In fact it represents the most advanced epoch of the world revolution, in whose postulates it therefore not only acts to destroy a definite political, social, economic or moral institution, but also simultaneously to declare null and void the Holy Catholic Church as well as all cultural and Christian manifestations which represent our civilization. All revolutionary currents of Jewish origin have attacked Christianity in its different aspects with particular one-mindedness. Communism, spawned from this same revolutionary stream of thought, seeks to banish Christianity for the purpose of causing it to vanish from the face of the earth, without even the slightest trace remaining. The destructive fury of this satanic striving, which brings before the eyes of the world the most terrible pictures of terror and destruction which are possible to imagine, can only be based on the essence of nihilism and the most evil, hate-filled rejection of everything hitherto existing. For otherwise, one would not be able to understand the indescribable insanity of its criminal acts and the spirit of destruction, of annihilation, of insult, of contradiction, and of resistance by its leading personalities against everything, which represents fundamental features not only of Catholicism but of religion in general. ...

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