Regardie Israel - Foundations of practical magic

Author : Regardie Israel
Title : Foundations of practical magic An introduction to qabalistic, magical and meditative techniques
Year : 1979

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The art and meaning of magic. 1. Magic in East and West When I was about seventeen years of age, a friend loaned me a copy of Major L.A. WaddelFs Lamaism. In those days it impressed me tremendously, no doubt because of its massive size. In every sense it was a heavy tome, and tomes then suggested depth and weight of scholarship and insight. Naturally I knew nothing at that time about Magic, and beyond a few theosophical allusions next to nothing of Buddhism. So the greater part of the significance and wide erudition of the book must have passed me by completely, though it is a veritable storehouse of knowledge. Then, out of the blue it reappeared on my horizon, again through the agency of a friend. In the light o f the little knowledge and experience gained through the passage of several years, its contents excited me enormously - and it was with the utmost interest that I reconsidered it. ...

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