Rhome Harrell - Deconstructing six million holo-myths

Author : Rhome Harrell
Title : Deconstructing six million holo-myths Exploring the occult origins of crucial holocaust dogma
Year : 2008

Link download : Rhome_Harrell_-_Deconstructing_six_million_holo-myths.zip

There are numerous outstanding articles and books that do an excellent job of debunking the so-called Holocaust, consequently I have not approached the topic before. Then I re-read Holocaust Dogma Of Judaism (see postscript) and some other esoteric works, and saw that there is more to say, particularly from certain perspectives. I take a rather atypical analytical approach, making use of psychology, metaphysics, mysticism and magic, Talmudic traditions, Kabalistic gematria, literary deconstructionism and revisionist historiography. From this unique perspective, I shall lay bare, deconstruct and demystify the occult origin and purposes of this very special, and exactly precise number of 6,000,000 alleged Holocaust deaths. ...

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