Richardson Alan - Hughes Geoff - Ancient magicks for a new age

Authors : Richardson Alan - Hughes Geoff
Title : Ancient magicks for a new age Rituals from the Merlin temple The magick of the dragon kings
Year : 1989

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Dare to Ride the Dragon ! This is a book about a "Magickal Current." It details the work of magicians from two different eras. Even though they never met each other, they work with energies of a very specific nature. The first set of magickal diaries are from Christine Hartley and show what type of magick was performed within the Merlin Temple of the Stella Matutina, an offshoot of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, for the years 1940-1942.This information is important because it describes exactly how rituals were done and what the participants experienced. Hartley's diaries have been edite explained and expanded upon by Alan Richardson, making this one of the most important magickal documents ever printed. The second set of magickal diaries are those of Geoff Hughes. They detail magickal work that he did during the years 1984-1986. Although he was not at this time a member of any formal group, the magick he practiced was under the same aegis as Hartley. He worked under Merlin. Both Hartley and Hughes were trained initiates of Dion Fortune's. They both eventually went on to follow that archemage of legend and otherworld reality. The third section of this book, written by Hughes, shows exactly how you can simply make contact with Merlin, Merlin, the protector of England and a source of the magickal power behind many British-oriented groups, is destined to be an important part of the magickal systems of the future-you can find out about it today ! The Dragon is another symbol that appears frequently in magickal writings all over the world. Find out how Hughes uses the dragon to explore this universe, and other levels of reality, and learn to use this dragon energy yourself. The magick of Christine Hartley (under her maiden name of Christine Campbell Thomson) and Geoff Hughes are like the poles of some hidden battery which lie buried beneath the Earth, and beneath the years. There is a current flowing between them. The energy is there for you to tap. ...

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