Ripley William Zebina - The races of Europe

Author : Ripley William Zebina
Title : The races of Europe A sociological study
Year : 1915

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This work is the outgrowth of a course of lectures upon "physical geography and anthropology" in the School of Political Science at Columbia University in the city of New York; delivered before the Lowell Institute in the fall of 1896. It originally comprehended, in a study of aboriginal societies and cultures, an analysis of the relation of primitive man to his physical environment. Gradually, with a growing appreciation of the unsuspected wealth of accumulated data, it has expanded along lines of greater resistance, concentrating attention, that is to say, upon Europe — the continent of all others wherein social phenomena have attained their highest and most complex development. Containing little that may be called original, strictly speaking, it represents merely an honest effort to co-ordinate, illustrate, and interpret the vast mass of original material — product of years of patient investigation by observers in all parts of Europe — concerning a primary phase of human association : that of race or physical relationship. ...

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