Roberts Scott Alan - The secret history of the reptilians

Author : Roberts Scott Alan
Title : The secret history of the reptilians The pervasive presence of the serpent in human history, religion, and alien mythos
Year : 2013

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Foreword. I remember ordering and reading Rene Andrew Boulay’s Flying Serpents and Dragons from an alternative science mail order catalog in 1991. Boulay continued the work of American author Zecharia Sitchin, who had proposed that in our distant past, we were visited by beings from a 12th planet—allegedly named NIBIRU, the Crossing—in our solar system, who were the founders of most civilizations, but specifically that of Ancient Sumer. Whereas Sitchin had left the nature of these beings blank, Boulay claimed that these beings were reptilian. Boulay argued that there were numerous references in ancient accounts, including the Bible, that showed that some of our ancestors, including Noah, still showed physical marks of their reptilian origins, as we were a genetic manipulation of Earthly humanoids and Nibirian reptilians. The early 1990s was also the time when thousands of mostly Americans were reporting “UFO abductions.” Some of these abductors were described as reptilian entities. These two ingredients were mixed by British conspiracy author David Icke, who proclaimed that the British Queen Elizabeth II was actually a reptilian in disguise—a gimmick that guaranteed his claims would make headline news, including the British tabloids who loved that a former BBC sports presenter had made such outrageous claims. In fact, his claim was very much on par with what could be seen in the 1980s popular science fiction television series V, which portrayed a reptilian alien species that colonized Earth. The theme that there are reptilian overlords overseeing the fate of humanity is a strong presence in modern conspiracy literature. As I appear on the popular television show Ancient Aliens and people as a consequence assume I have editorial input, one of the most frequently asked question is whether there is going to be a special on the Annunaki, the name the conspiracy-minded Sitchinites have given to our assumed reptilian overlords. Of course, our current mindset didn’t begin with David Icke; he merely played with an archetype that is far older and perpetually remained popular. The source of all evil in the Bible has become commonly identified as a reptilian being—a serpent. Though the crime the serpent seems to commit in the Bible is quite minor—providing information to Adam and Eve—as Christianity grew in popularity and power, it sought to personalize evil in the form of Lucifer and the devil, who became identified with that speaking serpent of the Garden of Eden. If the devil is one of your most prominent identifiers, it is not surprising that serpents face an uphill struggle in popularity contests, though this is a cultural phenomenon. In the New World, the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl was seen as a culture bringer, while the Vision Serpent helped the Mayan king in receiving information from the underworld. Though it shows that serpents were not always seen as evil, it does show, even in the biblical account, that intelligent serpents have provided our ancestors with knowledge, including otherworldly knowledge. With a topic that has been identified by the Church for almost two millennia as the root of all evil, wading through the material is not a simple task. Sitchin and Icke are but two of a long list of researchers who have stranded in the murky waters of the reptilian archetype. Scott Roberts fortunately boldly goes where few men have surfaced from, providing a well-balanced, innovative, and insightful approach to the topic. It is time to become reacquainted with our reptilian neighbor, who seems to have a consistent, cross-cultural reputation of bringing us knowledge. It is high time we learn…. Philip Coppens August 8, 2012. ...

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