Ross Nichols - The book of druidry

Author : Ross Nichols
Title : The book of druidry
Year : 1990

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Foreword by Philip Carr-Gomm. Many people these days are turning to the native traditions of various cultures in an attempt not only to reconnect with their roots and their heritage, but also in an attempt to fmd a living spirituality that can lead them out of the psychological wasteland that has been created by industrial society. Great attention has been paid to the native American Indian tradition, and to the shamanistic practices of such diverse cultures as the Siberian, Tibetan and Australian Aborigine. Less attention, however, has been given to a tradition which lies closer to the ancestral roots of most European, and hence many North American, people-the Celtic tradition, whose spirituality is epitomized in the path of the Druid. The reason for this lack of attention has almost certainly been the belief that the Druid path has been lost. In reality, although the Druid path has often disappeared from the historian's view, it has never been lost as a tradition-only hidden from the public gaze. But often that which we think of as lost is only in fact hidden from us for a time, in order that we may discover or rediscover it at the right moment. For nine years after Ross Nichols' death the manuscript of The Book of Druidry appeared to be lost, until in 1984 a strange series of events led to its rediscovery and preparation for publication. During the last two years of his life, Ross Nichols, the Chosen Chief of the Order ofBards, Ovates & Druids, had been working on a book that he hoped would be able to convey most of what he knew of Druidry to those who were not initiated into its inner workings. Having just completed the final pages of the book, he died unexpectedly in 1975. ...

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