Rubin Barry - Silent revolution

Author : Rubin Barry
Title : Silent revolution How the left rose to political power and cultural dominance
Year : 2014

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Introduction. This is a contrarian book. A political and social movement has transformed the United States. That movement and President Barack Obama, who was, we should remember, only a small part of it, is praised, exalted, and celebrated by many millions of people who call themselves “liberals.” Meanwhile, they are condemned, derided, and ridiculed by many “conservatives.” And yet that is a strange deviation from all of American history. In fact, it is a break from, a break with, the entire history of liberalism as well. Indeed, it is an ideological defacing of liberalism. But that is because it is to camouflage the real identity of this doctrine, which seeks to impersonate liberalism: radicalism. There is a big difference. It is that impersonation that has brought this movement the success it has enjoyed. Without this disguise, it would appeal to few people. Words like radicalism, extremism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, anti-patriotism sound less attractive than multiculturalism. One reason, of course, is that these ideologies are well-known failures, even disasters that bear little in common with what has made America a brilliant success, ever expanding its liberties and prosperity. Yet that is the key to an explanation of what happened in America in the early twenty-first century. Put very simply there was a four-stage process. ...

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