Rudel Hans Ulrich - Stuka pilot

Author : Rudel Hans Ulrich
Title : Stuka pilot With 2530 operational flights, Rudel was Germany's leading wartime pilot - This is his story of the air war against Russia
Year : 1957

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Hans Ulrich Rudel began his amazing career as a Stuka pilot in Poland in 1939, fought in the great air battles over Leningrad, Stalingrad and Moscow, and was one of the few pilots to survive six years of combat flying. Shot down more than a dozen times, he finished the war flying an Fw-190 - with one leg amputated and the other in a cast! Rudel’s fame as the ‘indestructible’ pilot - and his record of OVER 500 RUSSIAN TANKS and one Soviet battleship destroyed, brought him to the attention of the Fuhrer. Though forbidden by Hitler to risk his life further, Rudel returned to the Eastern front, winning eleven decorations - the last a new medal specially designed for him by Hitler. ...

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