Samuels Charles - Samuels Liouse - Night Fell on Georgia

Authors : Samuels Charles - Samuels Liouse
Title : Night Fell on Georgia
Year : 1956

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Afterward, everybody said that little Mary Phagan was the sweetest-tempered, happiest young girl they could remember. They also recalled how pretty she was—pretty enough to have been chosen to play the Sleeping Beauty in the Baptist church's Christmas play. Her mother, Mrs. J. N. Coleman, cried a lot later on each time she was reminded of how like an angel Mary had seemed in that play, with her eyes closed and her face on the. pillow, innocent and serene. Mrs. Coleman said it made her think of the very last time she had seen her thirteen-year-old child asleep. That was on that April 26 when a terrible fate overwhelmed Mary and trans formed her almost overnight from a cotton-mill worker's daugh ter into a symbol, _a legend, and a battle cry around which millions of men and women rallied. In fact, as one editor said not long ago, Mary's death grew into an issue that "arraigned South against North" as they had not been divided since the War between the States. April 26 is an important holidayin much of the South, being the Confederate Memorial Day, and Mrs. Coleman had allowed Mary to sleep late that morning. Usually she woke her up early so Mary wouldn't be late getting to her job at the National Pencil Company's factory in downtown Atlanta. Going into her daughter's room, Mrs. Coleman looked down at Mary, her favorite and the baby of her six young ones, and repeated the prayer she often said for her children. The prayer asked only that they should be as contented and pleased with life when they grew up as fhey were when they were small. ...

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