Scheibeler Eric - Merchants of deception

Author : Scheibeler Eric
Title : Merchants of deception An insider’s look at the worldwide, systematic conspiracy of lies that is Amway / Quixtar and their motivational organizations
Year : 2004

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There is very small group of family and friends who stood by us when all others ran away. Thank you for helping Kathy and I pull our lives together to the point where we could start again. We had turned our backs on some of you. We recruited others of you into the Amway business, where you may have lost thousands of dollars and precious years. You were the ones who fed us when we had no money for food. You picked us up and encouraged us when we thought we could not go on. Our parents accepted us back and loved and cared for us in every way possible when we awoke and left our Amway life. For this, we will be forever, deeply thankful. In our terrifying exodus from Amway and its related motivational cults, we have seen the very worst in human nature. We have experienced an evil, a deception, and a darkness that we did not know existed in mankind. During this period, we were also exposed to the very best in human nature as well. God revealed himself and his boundless love through the kindness and compassion of people we had been indoctrinated to believe were “losers.” Their kindness, love and forgiveness have been overwhelming. The truth would never have been revealed to us had it not been for a few modern day heroes, who braved bewildering odds and potential legal attacks to expose what they had learned to be true about the Amway Corporation; it’s founders and related motivational organizations and cults, in general. Specifically, Ashley Wilkes, Sidney Schwartz, Steve Hassan, Robert Fitzpatrick, Deborah Layton, J. B. Meade, Scott Larsen and Ruth Carter all, in some way, helped me escape a life of complete deception. It was at a desperate time and at a point when I did not know if I would be able to write this book that I spent a single life-altering day in Colorado. I spent time with an incredible group of leaders. One at a time people I met with Pastor Tommy Reid all spoke into my life truths that I desperately needed to hear. I would like to thank T.D. Jakes and Anthony Robbins for creating resources that assisted me in rebuilding my strength to a level where I could begin to function, think rationally and take action. A special thanks to Oprah and Dr. Phil for creating making public resources that helped salvage my now most cherished treasure, my marriage. You are all greatly appreciated. Last and certainly not least, I would like to thank two incredible women. Maureen Haner and Nancy Lambert are two special friends. Together, they have been a boundless source of encouragement and inspiration. They worked countless hours at night and weekends to edit my ramblings into the book you now hold in your hands. It would not have been possible without them. Their insights, determination to help others and gifted editorial work have made this book what it is. ...

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