Schwartz Regina M. - The curse of Cain The violent legacy of monotheism

Author : Schwartz Regina M.
Title : The curse of Cain The violent legacy of monotheism
Year : 1997

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Preface. One day while I was teaching the Bible to undergraduates, a firstyear student articulated a problem succinctly that I had to write an entire book to address. I was telling the class that the Exodus is the central event of the Hebrew narrative, asserting that this myth of liberation from slavery was deeply inspiring, especially in comparison to so many other foundational myths of conquest and plunder. This was, after all, not a myth that described the rich getting richer, but the enslaved getting freed. I added some remarks about class consciousness and liberation theology to make the story more contemporary, and lingered over the fact that this story has now come to have urgent political force in Latin America and South Africa as it had during the U.S. civil rights movement. Then, in the midst of this celebration, the student raised his hand and asked simply, "What about the Canaanites?" Suddenly all the uncomfortable feelings I had been repressing about the Bible for years flooded me. Yes, what about the Canaanites? and the Amorites, Moabites, Hittites ? ...

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