Seitz Frey Robert - Thompson Nancy - The Silent and the Damned

Authors : Seitz Frey Robert - Thompson Nancy
Title : The Silent and the Damned The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank
Year : 2002

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This is to express appreciation to Dr. George L. Berlin of Baltimore Hebrew College for his assistance in developingthe primary thematic contours of this work. We owe a debt of gratitude to Gary S. Hauk, Reference Librarian at Pitts Theology Library of EmoryUniversity in Adanta. Mr. Hauk went far beyond the call in answering the request for information on the Frank case. We also would like to thank William R. Glass of Emory University, Professor Stanley N. Rosenbaum of Dickinson College, Ms Pat Olson of the Christian Century. Ms Joy K. Floden of the Central Congregational Church in Atlanta, and Dr. Joseph Troutman of the Adanta University Center. Much appreciated were the efforts of Granville Meader, Ph.D., in reading this manuscript in its early stages and providingwordsof support throughout the writing effort. Special thanks go to the staff members of the Atlanta Historical Society, the Georgia Department of Archives and History, the Special Collections Department of Emory University, the Atlanta Office of the Anti-Defamation League, and the Harvard Law School Library. People at each of these institutions and offices were very helpful in facilitating our research efforts. Michael Winogradof ADL in Adanta and Dale Schwartz, an attorney with Troutman, Sanders, Lockerman & Ashmore in Adanta, gave personal attention to our questions as did Virginia Shadron of the Georgia Department of Archives and History and Judith Mellins of Harvard Law School. John L. Seigenthaler, president and publisher of the Nashville Tennessean^ was extremely generous in sharing his time andinsight into the Frank case with us. Beverly Burnett of the Tennessean was also very helpful. We would like to acknowledge the interest and enthusi asm brought to this project by Charles A. Lean, managing editorofMadison Books. Lasdy, wethankRoy Hoopes for adding his editorial polish and personal interestand knowl edge to our manuscript. ...

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