Serrano Miguel - Excerpts from "MANU : Por El Hombre Que Vendra"

Author : Serrano Miguel
Title : Excerpts from "MANU : Por El Hombre Que Vendra"
Year : 1991

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The superpowers of the world, counterpoised only in appearance, know with certainty that their Enemy has not been defeated, and as Admiral Byrd has said: "Finds himself between them and the Poles". They have been forced to change their strategy, originally declaring the Third World War was contemplated, as a Ritual Sacrifice offered to the Great Demiurge, preceding the imposition of the Messianic times. Capitalists and Communists, controlled by the One and Same Sngle Hand, will have to soften their apparent oppositions, due to the need to face their common Enemy once again who are light-years more advanced than them, because Hitler had recovered his ancient-new Science. ...

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