Serrano Miguel - Interview with Miguel Serrano by Alessandro De Felice

Author : Serrano Miguel
Title : Interview with Miguel Serrano by Alessandro De Felice
Year : 2005

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Felice: The great writer in his Memoirs remembers his thoughts as he begins to explain that he is going to write a commentary on his life says: "The life of man is an intended recomposition. One can only consider it to be a prodigious thing qualitatively. It is ephemeral, something so insufficient it's a miracle that it can assist at something that can outlive it. This has impressed me when directly merited and not to die a natural death has appeared a miracle to me. "Life has appeared to me," says Jung, "like a plant that lives through its rhizomes so that its own life is not perceptible, hiding in the rhizome, something visible on earth for only a summer. Then it goes away. It is an ephemeral thing. If one meditates on the infinite becoming and appearing of life and cultures, one gets an impression of absolute nothingness. But I have never lost the feeling of something that lives and abides through the eternal change. What one sees is the flower that perishes. The rhizome remains." And at the end he says: "At bottom the only events in my life worth telling are those the immutable world has rendered up through the mutable surfaces. Therefore he spoke mostly of internal events, since my dreams and imagination remain there. Moreover this constitutes the primary matter of my scientific work. Compared with internal events the other recollections travel away with one's surroundings." And in order to speak of these narrations of this immutable world and that other mutable one, the interior and the external world, between myth and reality, and to grapple with Professor Jung who wrote the prologue for this book that was edited for the first time in Chile, before being printed elsewhere, this book "The Visits of the Queen of Sheba," by Miguel Serrano, I have him here in the studio for this conversation. Thank you, Don Miguel, for being here with me. ...

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