Serrano Miguel - The apparition of the I

Author : Serrano Miguel
Title : __The apparition of the I (Esoteric Kristianism) (PP. 80-83, from "Manú: El hombre que vendrá" - MANU: The Man Who Shall Come". Santiago de Chile: Ediciones La Nueva Edad. 1991__
Year : 1991

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With insistence, time and again, we repeat the question to ourselves: The mixing of the Gods with the daughters of men, was it a defeat, a fall, or was it a voluntary act, propitiated by the Aesir? Some bold strategy for the Combat? If the Demiurge extended his domains at the expense of the Spiritual worlds, the most appropriate response would have been to introduce oneself at the same time into the world of the Enemy, penetrating it. Certainly, the God-Men, the Divya has put into danger his immortality and even his divinity; but, should he succed, he would have snatched from the Demiurge's domains that which belonged to him; as well as the zombie-prisoners, enchanted in Klingschor's Schastel Marveille. With his sacrifice and heroism he will have made possible the Divinization (being Initiated into the Realm of GODHOOD) of some Sudras, or animal-man, while at the same time He himself, the God-Man, the Divya, made himself partially man by descending into flesh bodies of the animal-men, the Sudra. (The Esoteric mystery of the Kristic-Incarnation-Plasmation). He has made use of the Demiurgic law of Thermodynamics, which reigns in those domains. The incarnate God abides by this law, besides that of Entropy, making himself mortal. ...

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