Shetler Greg - Living Asatru

Author : Shetler Greg
Title : Living Asatru
Year : 2003

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Introduction. There are a number of books available in print that introduce the Asatru religion to the interested reader. Most of those are written by folks who are far better read than I, and who have done n1uch greater research into the history and religion of the Teutonic peoples of antiquity. I have found, however, that a living religion requires sotnething other than just careful research or educated reconstntction of practices. A living religion tnust include a bridge between knowledge and everyday life a map frotn the abstract, esoteric theory to the mundane and the ordinary. This book is intended to provide sotne infonnation on how I have adapted the research into ancient Teutonic religious belief and practices that others have made available to tny ordinary life. This should not be taken as an authoritative statetnent on how Asatru should be practiced or adhered to by anybody else - rather, this is tny own take on making Asatru a real part of tny own everyday life. The intent is to fonn a single statetnent, as part of what I \vould hope will be an ongoing conversation among those interested in reviving the religion of the ancient Teutonic peoples. Greg Shetler. ...

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