Skorzeny Otto - My commando operations

Author : Skorzeny Otto
Title : My commando operations The memoirs of Hitler’s most daring commando
Year : 1975

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On the right of self-determination of peoples. An invented triumvirate : Borghese-de Marchi-Skorzeny - My youth in Vienna - The tragedy of a German people in an East European state - The student: the time of the duels - Ban on fraternities by Baldur von Schirach - The engineer : work, sport and political commitment in favor of union with Germany - Goebbels in Vienna - Dolfuss declares Marxists and National Socialhts illegal - Unexplained aspects of a failed putsch - Honeymoon trip to Italy - The oppression. For almost thirty years certain correspondents, journalists and radio and television reporters have described me as "the most dangerous man in Europe." ...

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