Skuld - 01

Author : Skuld Women for Aryan Unity
Title : 01 White Women in the Ancient World
Year : 2011

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A Woman of Virtue Hypatia. Hypatia was a woman whose passion for knowledge and her quest to find the answers to the unknown won her the respect and admiration of the People of Alexandria but the contempt of the rulers of this once great city. Hypatia's father, Theon, was considered to be one of the most intelligent men in all of Alexandria. He taught her many things, such as the importance of a healthy body in addition to a strong and intelligent mind. He taught her about different religions from around the world and the fundamentals of teaching. Due to their incredible thirst for knowledge Hypatia and her father formed a strong bond. Hypatia grew up to be a mathematician, scientist, and philosopher. With credit to her father, she knew the power of the spoken word and used her authority to spread truth and wisdom. She would go out onto the streets, wearing a cloak, interpreting such philosophers as Aristotle and Plato, drawing large crowds of people who yearned to listen. Hypatia's eloquent speaking abilities and physical beauty were not the only things that attracted the crowd, but her being a woman and a pagan in an increasingly Christian environment made her even more prominent to the People. On one fateful night as she was leaving a lecture hall a Christian mob showed just how pathological their hatred was. She was taken from her carriage, her clothes torn off her, and brutally beaten with brick tiles. Afterwards, she was dragged throughout the streets being torn limb from limb. Once the violent and vicious mob was sure she was dead, they took her remains and burnt them. John the Bishop of Nikiu stated that Hypatia was "devoted at all times to magic, astrolabes, and instruments of music, and she beguiled many people through her satanic wiles." But in reality, Hypatia's only crime was being a pagan woman whose beauty and wisdom was a threat to the power structure of her time. Scholars began departing Alexandria soon after the murder of Hypatia. Thus marking the beginning of the end for the major center of ancient learning. After careful thought and consideration, we chose to name our publishing venture after Hypatia. We are proud to have this outstanding woman serve as a symbol for our women's media. With the release of each new publication we will remember the horrible death that Hypatia suffered due to her courage to stand up against her oppressors and to always speak the truth! Submitted By Melody. ...

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