Skuld - 02

Author : Skuld Women for Aryan Unity
Title : 02 White Women from the Past
Year : 2011

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Isabella The Blue Blooded Queen. BACKGROUND HISTORY The invasion of Western Europe by a the Moors, also known as the Saracens, a Non-white Muslim army after 711 AD very nearly extinguished Aryan Europe, the threat of the Moors was no less serious than the Hunnish invasion which created the first Race War. The Moors were a mixed race: part Arabic, part Black and part mixed race and are easily distinguishable from the Aryan Visigothic of Spain. The Moors very nearly conquered all of Spain, and were only turned back from occupying all of Western Europe by a desperate White counter attack in France. The history of this seven hundred yearlong race war is without doubt one of the most arduous ever fought by the Aryans in defence of their homelands. In 711 a Moorish fleet sailed onto the beachhead of Andalusia in Spain, their first territory on the European mainland. The Spanish Gothic king of the time, Roderic, engaged the Moors in a three-day battle. The Moors won, and the Gothic Spaniards were forced to retreat, giving the Moors time to land a seemingly inexhaustible supply of soldiers from the North Africa. Soon the Moors had assembled a massive army and within a few months had conquered most of Gothic Spain. THE TRIBUTE OF ARYAN VIRGINS During the Muslim dominance of Spain only isolated pockets of Gothic resistance held out. In the North one a community secured its existence by being forced to enter a treaty with the Moors, which demanded the Goths had to hand over 100 Aryan Gothic virgins a year to the Moorish leaders for use in their harems. Eventually these regions banded together in an anti-Muslim alliance, and began pushing further south; slowly driving the Muslim forces back reclaim more of their homelands. This push lasted many hundreds of years – unfortunately more than enough time for race mixing between parts of the Aryan population and the Arab rulers to have taken place. In a great battle fought on the plains of Toledo in 1212, a great Aryan army defeated the Muslim Moors, from then the Moors occupied only the Southern parts of Spain. ISABELLA AND FERDINAND It was only with the rise of two great leaders - the red haired, blue eyed, Isabella I, Queen of Castile, and Ferdinand V, King of Aragon, that the Moors were finally driven from Europe. Isabella, who is renown for not only liberating Spain from the last of the Moors, but for being one of the main sponsors of the voyages of discoveries of Christopher Columbus. Her parents where Spanish and Portuguese nobility who had, along with most of Spaniards, avoided race mixing caused by centuries of Moorish rule. Aged 18 Isabella married Ferdinand, who was King of Aragon, King of Sicily and King of Naples, they had five children. Isabella became Queen of Castile when she was 23 years old. No sooner had she become Queen, her kingdom was invaded by the Portuguese, who hoped to capitalise on a weaker Span in the confusion following the Moorish invasion. Castile was very nearly overrun, after a supreme effort Isabella and Ferdinand were able to raise a strong enough army to defeat the Portuguese. With the Portuguese threat settled, the Aryan King and Queen then turned their attention to their real enemy: the Muslim Moors. ...

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