Slavros Alexander - The fall to madness

Author : Slavros Alexander
Title : The fall to madness
Year : 2016

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Chapter 1. To whom it May Concern. Should you find yourself in possession of this journal, I ask of you that you do not linger at whatever place I will have chosen to hide it. Instead, make your way to a location that you believe will offer you the most safety and security - provided that you are able to understand this text at all. I am a graduate of a linguistics faculty where I have studied ancient, dead and nearly forgotten languages, and have chosen to transcribe the entirety of my journal in this particular old tongue that I have learned to speak and write in fluently. This is in order to keep my thoughts and observations private from all but those who have shared my interest in this pursuit, which today is considered by most to be pointless and, worse still, boring. When I left the steps of my university that fateful summer’s day, I had no idea that I was about to embark on a journey that would put my life and my very understanding of reality at risk. Hence the warning I’ve provided on this page. Should you be able to understand these words then please heed them: I know not what to do with the knowledge that I had obtained on my endeavor, and I likewise knew not what to do with this journal other than to hide it away and run for my life, lest they find me. Though I am no longer sure if what they could do to me, should I be caught, can possibly be any worse than what I already have to live with, as that sound will not relent and haunts me even in my sleep. Only now, as I write down my recollection of events that lead me to this point, does the sound subside. But it does not fade completely. Do with this journal and its contents what you will, but know, that they may come for you as well, and perhaps that sound will find you too, and haunt you till your dying day. That is, unless it drives you to madness long before then. ...

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