Smith Gerald Lyman Kenneth - Matters of life and death

Author : Smith Gerald Lyman Kenneth
Title : Matters of life and death A handbook for patriots dealing with the issues on which American will rise or fall
Year : 1958

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Preface. America could rise to a position of power, character and influence never known to the human race, or America could sink into the deepest pit of poverty, bondage, bankruptcy and corruption. It all depends upon how our people deal with the 'life and death' issues which involve us at this very moment. The issues that I discuss in this brochure are not optional. They pose more than the problems of academic exercise. Survival of our precious America depends upon complete victory in relation to every one of the fourteen fronts defined in this manuscript. If we win on thirteen and lose on one, we lose everything. To illustrate: It is as though a bank had fourteen doors and a watchman foolish enough to believe that the bank was safe as long as thirteen doors were locked. The American people must learn and learn quickly what these matters of life and death are in relationship to their national future. To summarize, the American people must know the answer to the following: 1. What are the issues ? 2. What is the right side of each issue? 3. What are the forces and who are the personalities supporting the right viewpoints? And what are the forces and who are the personalities supporting the wrong viewpoints ? The reader will observe that in this connection we have reproduced numerous photographs. These photographs are to emphasize the positive and the negative. Please observe that under the discussion of each issue we have run a picture which symbolizes or personifies the RIGHT, and we have a picture which symbolizes or personifies the WRONG. The writer realizes that the brevity of this document compels us to omit many important facts, but it is our hope and prayer that the busy reader will find in these pages a stimulant that will inspire deeper reading and a more profound understanding of the 'life and death' issues of this dramatic moment in world history. ...

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