Starkes Taleeb - Black lies matter

Author : Starkes Taleeb
Title : Black lies matter Why lies matter to the race grievance industry
Year : 2016

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Foreword. Trigger Warning. WHY TALEEB ? In 2011, when Ann Coulter told Sean Hannity, “Our blacks are so much better than their blacks,” the mainstream media went nuts. Whoopi Goldberg said, “I didn’t know we were anybody’s blacks,” and even right wing news sources were informing Ann that slavery had been abolished. They were all being willfully ignorant because we are so desperate for racist villains, we’ll lynch anyone who talks openly about race. Ann was clearly referring to Herman Cain, and everyone ignored the second half of her quote where she added, “You have fought against probably your family, probably your neighbors. . . that’s why we have very impressive blacks.” She was speaking about African- American people of color (or whatever the term is this week) who have the courage to be truthful and blunt no matter how uncomfortable it makes their fellow blacks feel. Half a century ago, we had the Freedom Riders daring to go town-to-town in the South comingling with blacks in areas where such actions were verboten. Today, the courageous ones are on the right. When Ann says “our” she’s talking about the likes of Thomas Sowell, Deroy Murdock, Jason Riley, and Allen West. ...

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