Steiner Rudolf - The spirit of the Waldorf school

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : The spirit of the Waldorf school Lectures surrounding the founding of the first Waldorf School Stuttgart–1919 and An essay from the social future february 1920
Year : 1920

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Translators’ Note. Our experience is that a vivid, imaginative relationship with Rudolf Steiner the man is more possible through his lectures than through his more formal written works. Whether we read the original German or an English translation (good or bad), the living quality of the moment of delivery emerges from the printed page, and, instead of reading a transcript, we find ourselves listening to a man filled with warmth for his audience, enthusiasm for his task and a clear sense of the urgency, even the desperation, of modern times. Our goal has been to render a translation that makes this living experience of a lecture hall in 1919 accessible to as many people as possible. The guiding question we have held before us throughout this work is, “How would Rudolf Steiner have spoken this thought to an American audience in 1994?” To this end, we have passed these lectures through the filter of multiple oral readings in an attempt not only to obtain a flowing presentation, but to find words that would ring true to the American ear as well as to the American eye. These lectures can, of course, be read silently to oneself without compromising the truths they hold. However, we suggest that a more enriching experience may be possible by reading them out loud. Our hope is that you will at least try this approach, and that, doing so, you will find yourself in a crowded lecture hall, listening to a man of profoundly uncommon insight address the heart of our social illnesses and point the way to a human future. ...

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