Stewart Robert John - The book of Merlin

Author : Stewart Robert John
Title : The book of Merlin Insights from the first Merlin conference, London, June 1986
Year : 1986

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Merlin - magician, kingmaker and prophet - remains one of the most fascinating and intriguing figures of legend. The Merlin Conference held in London on 14th June, 1986 was the first of a series of annual events to discuss, explain and decipher the character, influence and prophecy of this powerful and evocative figure. With Merlin as a central theme, the Conference ranged over history, legend, drama, psychology, story-telling, folklore, music, magic, prophecy, mysticism, literature and film. Merlin's lessons were, after all, carried by tales, songs, poems and tradition, not merely by literary texts alone. Each of the contributors is an international expert in his own right, having previously published material on Merlin and the legends of Arthur. As a non-commercial event, the annual Merlin Conference aims to generate interest in the mysterious figure of Merlin, to renew neglected traditions and offers a wide spectrum of information, performance and discussion. The BOOK OF MERLIN, edited by R. J. Stewart and illustrated by Miranda Gray, is based upon that first significant and memorable event. It includes new research, insights and invaluable studies of the true nature of Merlin through the centuries: Merlin in the Earliest Records by Geoffrey Ashe; Merlin in Fiction by John Matthews; Merlin as an A.rchetype by Gareth Knight; Merlin, King Bladud and the Wheel of Life by Bob Stewart; Thomas Heywood's Chronographical History; William Shakespeare's The Birth of Merlin; Ranulph Higden's Polychronicon; Geoffrey of Monmouth's Prophecies and Life of Merlin. There are also items on Merlin in magical arts and poetry, Merlin and sexuality in legend and tradition, the blue stones of Preseli and much more. ...

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