Stone Roger - Jeb ! and the Bush crime family

Author : Stone Roger
Title : Jeb ! and the Bush crime family
Year : 2016

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Foreword by congressman JOHN LEBOUTILLIER. When Jeb was at Andover he ran an illegal drug and alcohol distributorship … selling pot and booze to his fellow students … but when the school authorities caught wind of it, Jeb sold out one of his partners and escaped by the skin of his teeth.” This was told to me in the mid-1990s by my then-girlfriend, whose husband was one of Jeb’s Andover partners in this scheme. But because Jeb Bush had recently lost his bid to be governor of Florida, I put it in the back of my mind; his older brother, George W.-known inside the Bush family as “Junior”-had won his election in Texas and was the focus of Bush World. Jeb retreated into the background-for a while. It’s funny how things come ‘round in the world. Jeb, of course, went on to win two terms as Florida’s chief executive and helped with the controversial recount in the 2000 Florida presidential election that made “Junior” our 43rd president. Today, Jeb himself is running for president. In October 2006 I attended my 30th Harvard Reunion. During a cocktail party a classmate of mine who I didn’t really know, Charles Hirschler, came up to me and began talking: “Did you know that while I was at Andover with Jeb Bush, he ran this drug dealership with two other guys … they were selling drugs and booze to students … but Jeb cut and ran and sold out someone to save himself?” ...

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