Streit Clarence Kirschmann - "Where Iron is, there is the fatherland"

Author : Streit Clarence Kirschmann
Title : "Where Iron is, there is the fatherland" A note on the relation of privilege and monopoly to war
Year : 1920

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When American troops first went into the front line trenches in France they were given the quietest sectors on the western front. " Not a man had been killed in that part of the front since the war began, the French troops whom we relieved told us." " At one place along that front there was a little wineshop out in No Man's Land. We used to patronize it during the day while the Boches would get their liquor there at night." These are typical of statements made by Yank officers and men who got their trench training in that sector. As every one knows, this area whose quiet conditions made it suitable for the training of new troops to trench life was along the Lorraine front. Few people in the United States, it seems, have been curious enough to ask why this particular part of the western front should have been so quiet. But not so in France where the importance of this region is much more widely known than it is in this country. A few months after the war began the tranquillity of the Lorraine front aroused discussion in the press whose warmth, dampened considerably by a vigilant censor, has since the war brought about a long debate in the French Chamber of Deputies, followed by an official investigation by a committee of the parliament. ...

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