Strenger Carlo - Knowledge-nation Israel A new unifying vision

Author : Strenger Carlo
Title : Knowledge-nation Israel A new unifying vision
Year : 2004

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In 1889, Ahad Ha’am shook the Jewish world with his controversial essay “Thee Wrong Way.” Criticizing mainstream Zionism — a Zionism of land purchase, settlements, and agriculture — as shortsighted and unsustainable, Ahad Ha’am warned against the movement’s already waning power over the Jews of his day: Whereas previously the (Zionist) idea grew ever stronger and stronger and spread more and more widely among all sections of the people, while its sponsors looked to the future with exultation and high hopes, now, after its victory, it has ceased to win new adherents, and even its old adherents seem to lose their energy, and ask for nothing more than the well-being of the few poor colonies already in existence, which are what remains of all their pleasant visions of an earlier day. But even this modest demand remains unfulfilled; the land is full of intrigues and quarrels and pettiness — all for the sake and for the glory of the great idea — which give them no peace and endless worry; and who knows what will be the end of it all ? ...

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