Sub Rosa - 02

Author : Sub Rosa Where science and magic, myth and history meet
Title : 02
Year : 2005

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We’re back! Issue 2 of Sub Rosa has taken a little longer to release than we would have liked, but it wasn’t our fault – really Your Honour! Our cover story with Graham Hancock meant that we had to hold off on publication until closer to the release of his new book Supernatural – I think it’s well worth the wait though, with Graham sharing some insights into the research and writing of what is sure to be a controversial best-seller! Not to fear, we should return to a more regular schedule for subsequent issues. I’d like to thank all readers for their support of our magazine, with Issue 1 being downloaded by around 10,000 people already (and sure to increase as it remains freely available for download). We’ve had a lot of positive feedback, so it’s gratifying to know that our hard work is being appreciated. We’ve also incorporated changes to this issue on the basis of some of that feedback, such as the change in font to try and help out with reading difficulties. Please do continue to let us know your thoughts. Thanks also to the many offers of support, both from writers and advertisers. You know you are on to something special when you have to turn down fascinating essays because they just won’t fit into the next issue. Needless to say, we’ll have no problem with content for the next few issues! With so many offers of support, the problem becomes one of finding a good balance of topics to suit all readers, while keeping some consistency to each issue. In this issue, you’ll find a number of different articles which address the issue of entheogens, alien abductions and altered states of consciousness – although from quite different angles. Obviously, we can’t create an issue that will completely satisfy all readers, but we hope that we’ve offered a fascinating cross-section of articles for your reading pleasure. The very nature of Sub Rosa, in covering subjects which are on the edge of the paradigm, or recovered from the depths of history and even pre-history, means that we also ask you to employ your intelligence and inherent skepticism when reading through the magazine. It is very likely that some of the material we cover may not stand the test of intense and prolonged scrutiny. However, we feel that the positives in offering a forum for new and cutting-edge ideas far outweigh any negatives, as we believe that all ideas are entitled to see the light of day and get a fair hearing. Unlike some other magazines and groups, we put our trust in the intelligence of our readers. Thanks once again for the overwhelming support for the Sub Rosa project. As we move forward, we’ll be adding new aspects to the magazine, and exploring new ways of realising our potential. Please, if you value what we’re doing, continue to offer feedback, ideas, and most importantly, keep reading! ...

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