Sub Rosa - 06

Author : Sub Rosa Where science and magic, myth and history meet
Title : 06
Year : 2006

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The hands of time appear to be turning faster every day. Already, we’ve reached Issue 6 of Sub Rosa . . . I’m not sure how that happened! And although we’re on a quarterly schedule, the deadline for each issue seems to be upon us before we know it, and the hectic scramble to give birth to our next baby consumes all of our time yet again. So much so, that the magazine has been ‘getting in the way’, so to speak, of numerous other projects we are all working on. Considering the fact that this is really a labour of love – we earn only a nominal amount from each issue, certainly not in line with the hours required – we’ve had to make some hard decisions. Certainly, we aren’t going to walk away from something we enjoy so much. But the need to free up some time is pressing, and as such we have decided – for the short term – to drop back to a half-yearly schedule. This allows us have a few months in which we don’t have to think about Sub Rosa duties at all, freeing us up to work on our various other projects. It also means that we can come back to Sub Rosa with our full energy and focus, rather than trying to manage it with multiple other goings-on. It’s not an ideal situation content-wise, as we already can’t fit all the topics we’d like into each issue, and going back to half the amount of magazines means cutting another half of that content out of contention for a slot in Sub Rosa. However, it’s hardly as if we don’t have other outlets for sharing content. As always, we keep up daily news updates, and occasional features, on The Daily Grail (www.dailygrail. com). And for any readers who wish to share information with others, there is also our Digg-like site on which any member can post to the front page, The Underground Stream of Consciousness ( Most importantly, the extra time will allow us to give more consideration to a print run of the magazine, something that we would love to do. And if we are able to do that, then the likelihood is there that Sub Rosa would not just return to a quarterly schedule – instead, I’d like to think that we would ramp up to a bimonthly publication (every 2 months). So bear with us, while we try to improve everything about Sub Rosa. Thanks for your support, in the past, and into the future. ...

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