Suksdorf Henry Ferdinand - Our Race Problems

Author : Suksdorf Henry Ferdinand
Title : Our Race Problems
Year : 1911

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RACE problems are as old as the human race. Nearly all nations are of mixed origin, and because of this fact, nearly all bad to deal with troublesome race problems at some time in their existence. Whenever two or more races, deeply contrasting in type, character and age, met in the same territory, and were forced to occupy it together, vexing race confticts ensued. Exhaustive disorders and violent disturbances followed, until fusion of the races, and absorption and assimilation of the weaker race by the stronger, brought homogeneity, order, peace and prosperity. India, Iran, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Greece, Rome, Italy, Spain, France, England and Japan, are cases in point where nations bad their vexatious race problems in early days, which were settled by amalgamation, resulting in homogeneity, of type, character, language, sentiment, ideals and aspirations. In Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, the Balkan States and Belgium, a large crop of race problems is yet in full bloom, but promises to result eventually in homogeneity through fusion. Until this is accomplished, strife, disorder and insurrections will be the normal condition. And in the colonies and new states of America, Australia and Africa, where a confluence of streams of immigrants of various races talees place, race problems of greater or less magnitude are germinating and sprouting everywhere. ...

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