Sullivan Kathleen - Unshackled

Author : Sullivan Kathleen
Title : Unshackled A survivor’s story of Mind Control
Year : 2003

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Foreword By H. Michael Sweeney. What is mind control, this curious force that is rarely mentioned in the mass media? Mind control can be traced back to the earliest of ancient history, in the sacrificial rites of the worshipers of Baphomet and other Satanic idols of Biblical times. It is also a tool that has been scientifically developed and cultivated by the CIA and other intelligence organizations; it is ultimately an instrument of political control. The focused and intentional abuse of a small child can result in forcing the mind to split into multiple personalities, a phenomenon that under normal circumstances has traditionally been thought of as rare. Those who use it as a tool to program people want us to believe that Multiple Personality Disorder, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, as it is now known, does not exist, or that patients who display its symptoms are either prompted to do so by dishonest therapists, or are imitating something they have seen in a book or movie. In reality, the mind of a normal child readily splits into alter-personalities when repeatedly and inescapably subjected to unspeakable terrors. The split-off alter contains the memories of the terrors behind a veil of amnesia. Though deeply scarred, this terror-ridden fragmentary personality will be suppressed, leaving the primary self relatively free to continue in life without further displaying any symptoms of the suffering the victim has endured. Sadly, this desperate form of self-preservation can be manipulated with evil intention. In mind-control programming, this effect is achieved time and time again, creating dozens, hundreds, or even, as with Kathleen Sullivan, thousands of fragmented alter personalities. Each tormented alter has a unique identity, life experience, personality, set of moral values, skills and capabilities, fears and weaknesses, and even a unique understanding of reality itself. In fact, some can be so detached from reality that they believe they are objects or animals, not even human at all. These beliefs reflect their programming. How they are actually used is up to their programmers or handlers. Programmed operatives are not fictitious entities invented for theatrical productions. Take The Manchurian Candidate, an action-adventure-spy thriller. It is considered a form of imaginative entertainment; however, the book and film were based on top-secret, classified information involving the intelligence activities of Red China, Korea, and the United States. This knowledge is in the hands of other nations, too, including the “good guys” in England, Canada, and Australia. As early as World War One, countries on both sides relied on early “prototypes” for spy work, ever advancing the technology and learning by its use as they went. Through methodical manipulations via drugs, hypnosis, torture and training, it is possible to create a Manchurian Candidate; a programmable person with absolute obedience. There seems to be no limit to the complexity and ingenuity employed in this process. Handlers pick and choose alters, assign them duties, and give them their own set of memories, instructions, triggers, and fail-safe booby traps, to ensnare anyone attempting psychological reconstruction of the self. Once the ability to fragment has been established, other alters are cultivated to amplify their skills and taught how to best serve their master. Examples of controlled programming can be found among serial killers, mass murderers, and even terrorists whose “inexplicable” crimes explode in living color on our television screens. As much as I would like to, I cannot discount the vastness of this phenomenon. The sad fact is, the technology is so well-researched, and so easy to employ, it is being used in truly creative ways. I estimate there are now tens of thousands of “sleepers” in place and certainly hundreds of active programmed operatives with experiences comparable to Kathleen Sullivan’s. Other experts in the field mention even higher estimates. Evidence of the perpetration of mind control by agencies of the United States government has found its way into the Congressional Record and proposed state and national legislation. Government documents from MKULTRA and Project Paperclip have been released under the Freedom of Information Act. Patents for devices that allow control of the mind have been filed. Articles in medical journals and scientific papers discuss advancements in the technology. Interviews with medical professionals who are dealing with the aftermath of uncontrolled experimentation and manipulation have been published. Themes involving mind control are found in fiction, music, television and film, and documented in confessions by perpetrators and victims. Brazen bragging by the likes of Satanist and military psyops expert, Michael Aquino, has placed valuable confirmations on the record. Those few brave victims of mind control who have come forward, typically report being used as lab rats in bizarre experiments, and in many cases, sent on missions. What makes Kathleen Sullivan’s story so remarkable is that she reluctantly admits having been used to kill. In the course of relating how that came about, she reveals unique and invaluable insights into the infrastructure, the methodologies, and the purpose behind it all. Our first instinct is to turn away from any ugliness. Although the experiences revealed in Unshackled are painful and often repugnant, we dare not turn away, for this is not only a bold and courageous revelation; it also serves notice that just as we are all victims of these atrocities, so we all have the potential to free ourselves from their insidious influence, to resist and transcend them. Our whole society is affected by the sanctioned use of our own nonconsenting citizens as programmed assassins. Insofar as we are persuaded by propaganda not only to tolerate such a practice, but also to endorse it, we all become enmeshed in the machinery that makes mind control work. In becoming aware of the baneful influence of propaganda, it is helpful to bear in mind that our world history is not the random happenstance as presented in what they call the “news.” I am skeptical of messages purveyed by the mass media because these corporations are largely owned by military contractors and have been compromised by CIA interests ever since Operation Mockingbird; at this point you will find thousands of intelligence operatives in key positions of what you may believe to be our “free press.” Thus, whenever some explosion, assassination or other tragedy seems to “just happen,” especially when there are unasked and unanswered questions, there is a very good chance that a programmed operative was involved, either as the doer of the deed, or as a patsy set up to take the blame for it. The questions that should be asked will become readily apparent. To unravel the clues, always start with the question, “Cui bono?” Who benefits, or whose agenda will now be less encumbered? Then ask what social changes are being promoted by opinion-makers, often citing reports of polls. Connect the dots, and a recognizable picture of mind control will emerge. Most victims of mind control programming are not assassins. Many have been used less dramatically to infiltrate and manipulate the development of corporations, foundations, agencies, and other socially influential infrastructures. Many more seem not to have been used at all; as sleepers, they may simply be awaiting some future event requiring them to be triggered into action. While historically, the CIA has been the most significant developer of programmed operatives, today it is clear that the same technology has been widely used by other groups, including intelligence agencies of other nations, various mafias and occult groups, select “elite” families, and perhaps most frightening of all, certain churches and fraternal organizations. What makes the latter so frightening is that many of them operate networks of hospitals and clinics that specifically involve themselves in the creation of programmed victims, as well as the recapture and reprogramming of those whose control mechanisms seem to be slipping. In my first book, The Professional Paranoid, I listed over 400 CIA fronts and CIA-influenced companies and institutions. Fully half of these are involved with mind control. Half of those seem bent on convincing us that mind control does not work, and that complaints of ritual abuse are nothing more than false memories induced by bad therapists. I’d rather that was true. But in point of fact, nearly a third of all my clients turn out to have suffered ritual abuse and/or programming, though when they initially reached out for help, they generally had no concept of what lay behind their problems. Virtually every one of these people has had some exposure to cults, military intelligence or the CIA. None had been to therapists, except those belonging to these groups—their programmers. Mind control is a covert crime perpetrated by covert means. There are organizations which have been established to rush in and ensure any exposure of the crime is dealt with quickly, and effectively covered up with disinformation. It thus remains the perfect crime, reduced to nothing more than a mysterious bump in the long, dark night of our political and social nightmare. Victims of mind control often do not realize they are victims. They are even less likely to wake up to their own reality if there are people deliberately put into their lives to ensure the secrecy–people disguised as friends, relatives, or coworkers–their handlers and programmers. In my book, MC Realities, I offer a long list of symptoms and clues to help identify such unhappy states, as well as advice on how to fight back. It is not a hopeless journey, but it is a perilous and difficult one. This book is testimony that success can be had. Unshackled will cause many readers to question whether we are being told the truth about the political and social landscape of our world. If you value the purpose of our laws and our constitutional rights, if you treasure free will and the pursuit of happiness, you will realize that these rights are in jeopardy for all of us, when they are denied to anyone. ...

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