Sutton Antony Cyril - Fleshing out skull & bones

Authors : Sutton Antony Cyril - Altman Howard - Millegan Kris - Bunch Ralph - Chaitkin Anton - Tarpley Webster Griffin
Title : Fleshing out skull & bones Investigations into America's most powerful secret society
Year : 2004

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This book started as research into trying to understand some things my Dad told me. When I was first writing on the subject, I contacted several publishers and was politely told, by the one that answered, they "didn't want to take on Skull & Bones." An article of mine was published online at, which was well received. From that article and a friendship with Antony Sutton — came this book. The Internet has become an astounding force whose cultural and political realities are still to be understood and it's power is forcing change that continues today—with an unknown ending. The Internet has allowed uncensored national discussion, engendered understandings and energized a potent plebeian power whose creativity is countering the secretive sophism that ruins our republic and economy through covert corrupt means. The question remains: will the dreamscape that enthralls vast numbers continue its hoodwink, and will our children wake up slaves in a mean, technologically locked-down fascist state, or will they continue to slumber in the propaganda and hidden corruption of the celebrity-laden delusion of the contrived virtual reality friendly fascism that the secret societies have created around us — or will the Internet and other factors bring about a revival of our civic heritage and liberty. The most important thing that I would like folks to understand from this work is that the secrecy of these organizations is not good for our Republic. These secret societies are historically foreign-based and do not care about this country. Their ends justifies the means Zeitgeist leads to massive corruption and the "institutionalized sociological" excess of "elite deviancy." Where a certain few believe that they are beyond the law and then through corrupted political and economic power — act above the law, through whatever means at their disposal. One question this book examines is whether there is any truth in the age-old lore of the conspiracy theory of history — are we are dealing with a multi-generational, necromantic, synarchistic phenomenon? Have secret societies created a national security state apparatus to beguile us hoi polloi of our economic, civic and spiritual integrity? Do these secret societies create and play both sides in controlled conflicts to produce outcomes to further their New World Order millenniumist designs? Porch brethren are requirement for a secret society to work and many in these organizations, magickal and fraternal are unawares of any deeper motivations of the elite leadership of the group. It is when these secret organizations with members in high political office exert their influence towards goals unknown and/or unbecoming that we citizens should take notice — and action. Mysticism and fellowship are not bad and evil things. They are just like any thing. It is what people do with them ... their actions that do ill or good in this world. Secrecy and our Republic do not mix. Our children's future is what we leave them. Om. K. ...

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